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25 Sep, 2021

How CBT Can Treat Children with Anxiety Disorder?

What is CBT? CBT is a psycho-social technique that helps to improve mental health is...

25 Sep, 2021

What’s The Relation Between Exposure Therapy and CBT

Exposure Therapy is a psychological treatment that exposes an individual to their fears in controlled,...

25 Sep, 2021

CBT and Stages of Homework

CBT Homework is applied in stages. Encouraging and facilitating homework is a key feature of...

25 Sep, 2021

How to Treat Exam Anxiety with CBT ?

It is considered exam anxiety when someone worries about, preoccupies themselves with, obsesses over testing...

25 Sep, 2021

How Is Hikikomori Therapy Applied?

To know Hikikomori Therapy, you need to know what Hikikomori is. As the name suggests,...

25 Sep, 2021

Biography of B. F. Skinner

B. F. Skinner is best known for his work in Behaviorism, a theory that explores...

23 Sep, 2021

Daniel Goleman’s Biography

Daniel Goleman is an internationally renowned psychologist, author, and lecturer. His work has been translated...

23 Sep, 2021

Intense Nature of Personal Structure

Personal Construct Theory, or Personal Structure Psychology, is a theory of personality and perception founded by a Psychologist named George Kelly in the 1950s. The philosophy is concerned with the neurological mechanisms of behavior. IIn 1955, George Kelly presented his theory of personal structures. Behaviorism and psychodynamic...