Phobias and Fears can be treated with Virtual Reality.

Anxiety disorders can now be treated much more easily with virtual reality technology. Especially Phobia (our unreal fears) is treated with a great success rate.

What? : Biofeedback supported virtual reality therapy in psychotherapy and stimulants that concern the person in the outside world take place in this application.
Changes in the person’s brain, respiration, body temperature and muscle movements are constantly monitored. This allows one to confront and cope with fear, anxiety and obsessions.

What kind of treatment is virtual reality?

In order to cure anxiety and fear, virtual reality is applied only when speech or desensitization is not enough.

Cognitive behavioral therapies are effective in anxiety, fear and phobias. In psychotherapy, not only treatment by talking to the person, but also the opportunities of technology are used today. In the therapy of anxiety disorders and phobias, the thoughts and images that lead to this are revealed and gradually desensitization studies are carried out. In order for anxiety and fear to pass completely, one must face anxiety and fear. So far, imagination desensitization has been carried out on them.

Fears and worries in virtual reality treatment Are they real?

In order for phobia and anxiety to disappear completely, the situation that causes fear must be experienced again.
E.g; a person with dog phobia experiences this fear in three dimensions. Although fears are completely real, one knows that this is not real.

In virtual reality, does one learn how to deal with their fears in real life?

The virtual reality method is something we can control. Because one man is able to control his anxiety in the therapist’s side, but he does not know what to live when he encounters a real stimulus in real life and evasive behavior continues.
In general, people avoid uncomfortable situations. But it proceeds in a safe state. With this method, under the guidance of the therapist, fear can be overcome more safely.

With the virtual reality application, the stimuli that give concern to the outside world are applied in the most appropriate way to the original.

Therefore, virtual reality application is a method that supports psychotherapy and makes the person even more ready. Because when the person is exposed to anxiety, anxiety increases and he / she avoids the conditions that cause anxiety.

How is virtual reality implemented with Biofeedback?

Virtual reality application is applied together with Biofeedback.
Sometimes people say that they are scared, but the level of anxiety is not very high. However, the level of anxiety may be too high for the person. Or vice versa, the person says not afraid, but in fact the level of anxiety is elevated and is in physiological arousal.

Biofeedback gives concrete scales of this. Thus, while the person is experiencing some virtual reality with virtual reality glasses, the therapist watches what he sees on screen and how he reacts physiologically to what he sees. In this way, she is exposed to fear by directing her to stay in maximum anxiety. As the person is exposed, after a while, what we call extinction occurs and a sense of fear begins to decrease.

What is the biofeedback method?

In the treatment of biofeedback, we connect a number of sensors to the person. The computer embodies the changes in the physiology of the person and brings them to the computer screen as visual and auditory signals. Two types of systems are studied: autonomic nervous system and central nervous system.

Central nervous system; by placing a number of electrodes on the head of the person, the activity of the brain waves is directed to the computer by EEG signals and audiovisual signals.
Connected to the autonomic nervous system; It can monitor changes in respiration, skin resistance, skin temperature and heart rhythm by a number of sensors on the screen by the therapist.
When the changes in the person’s biological functioning are shown to the person again as feedback, the system uses it in their own regulation. Under the guidance of the therapist, people soon learn to recognize and control the connection between the mind and the body.

What is the importance of biofeedback treatment in virtual reality application?

 Biyofeedback was used before the virtual reality application. Biofeedback is taught to recognize and manage their own internal processes.

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