Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Although trauma is a concept that is very broad and may have different meanings depending on the place of use in terms of diagnostic psychiatry, it can be defined as having experienced or witnessing an event that seriously threatens survival or body integrity. Such incidents are murder, injury, harassment, rape, threatening extortion, severe beating, torture, serious traffic accident or work accident. In addition to experiencing these conditions, witnessing closely can also cause trauma.

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The individual who suddenly encounters such situations experiences amazement, fear of death and injury and a sense of terror. In the following days, the event often comes to mind, has nightmares about the event, and experiences constant anxiety. Patients who develop post-traumatic stress disorder avoid talking to people and situation if they can’t, the problem will get bigger. As the result of these avoidances the quality of life, social functionality of the person starts to deteriorate significantly. Thus the treatment is necessary.

The combination of psychotherapy and drug therapy gives the best results. It is important to start medication as early as possible.

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