Schizotypal Personality Disorder  

A continuous pattern of cognitive or perceptual distortions and unusual behaviors that occurs under various conditions, manifested by a sudden loss of ability to engage in close relationships, and social and interpersonal disabilities such as:

The last of the Cluster A personality disorders is Schizotypal Personality Disorder. It can look similar to Schizophrenia and other related illnesses, but differs in that it does not feature psychosis or only a very “mild” form of psychosis. @mentalhealthyxe

1) Reflecting on strange beliefs or magical forces that affect behavior and are incompatible with cultural values

2) Having nusual perceptual experiences, as well as bodily illusions

3) Strange way of thinking and speaking such as: ambiguous, environmental, figurative, overly detailed or stereotyped)

4) Skepticism or paranoid thinking

5) Improper or restricted sensuality

6) Strange, unusual or very specific behavior or appearance

Extreme social anxiety that does not diminish with close recognition, paranoid fears rather than negative judgments about itself tend to accompany this disorder.

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