Seasonal Depression

Do you feel bad in the autumn or winter?

In autumn or winter we can all feel a little worse than usual. In closed weather, there are moments when we don’t even want to get out of bed. This is usually the feeling that most people feel during the winter months, but in the spring or summer, it leaves a happier mood. However, for seasonal depression, this is not a simple cycle. Seasonal depression is a problem that begins in autumn and winter and presents with normally defined symptoms of depression. The person experiences seasonal depression at the same time of the year. However, you should rxperience for two years and symptoms should appear in the same seasons.

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What are the symptoms of seasonal depression?

  • These people have a general state of fatigue and do not want to do anything.
  • The person starts to lose concentration in his / her daily work or social relations.
  • They feel intense despair for the future.
  • They walk in a sad mood during the day.
  • Sleep times increase. During this period, one wanders in a constant state of sleep.
  • During these periods, people eat more than usual to suppress their feelings. However, you may expect an increase in weight.

Symptoms of seasonal depression are less severe than other types of depression. However, sometimes these symptoms can turn into major problems that seriously affect one’s functionality in daily life.

Seasonal depression is a very interesting concept. Because only certain periods of the year occur and the symptoms decrease in later seasons. Research has not been able to say anything specific about the cause of this depression. However, decreased sunlight is likely to increase depressive symptoms in the person.. In addition, there is a hormone called melatonin that maintains a person’s sleep patterns. Again in autumn and winter, the decrease in sunlight affects this hormone and may make you feel more sleepy than usual.

What can you do to overcome seasonal depression?

We talked about the depressed mood of the person in the autumn and winter. And the benefits of sunlight. For this reason, it will be useful to go out and walk at the peak hours of the sun.

Regular exercises will reduce your stress level.

It is a good first step for you to get expert support.

How to treat seasonal depression

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Research shows that cognitive behavioral therapy is very effective in the treatment of seasonal depression. With CBT, you can identify your thoughts causing negative feelings and gain new skills to cope with these thoughts.

Drug Treatment: Drug treatment is applied under the control of a specialist psychiatrist to eliminate depressive symptoms and negative emotions experienced by the person, increase the hormones mentioned before. Thus, with the therapy applied, it is planned that the person will get the most benefit.

Light Therapy: We said that the diminishing sunlight in autumn and winter creates a depressed mood.

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