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What is Sexual Therapy?

Sexual therapy is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy applied to individuals or couples with sexual problems by experienced psychiatrists and psychologists trained in sexual problems.

What are the sexual dysfunctions treated by sexual therapy?

Sexual dysfunctions treated by sexual therapy; vaginismus, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse in women), sexual desire disorder in women and men, arousal disorder in women, orgasm disorder in women and men.

When we look at the sexual problems. The main reason lack of sexual education, insufficient sexual experience, beliefs about sexuality, due to the way of upbringing a healthy body and psychological structure of sexual problems are common in individuals or couples. Sexual problems that occur due to these reasons can be treated by giving counseling in a few sessions.,

How does therapy work?

Sexual treatments, psychotherapy sessions that is available in clinics and hospitals.

Sexual therapy is administered by experienced psychiatrists and psychologists trained in this field. If the person applying for sexual therapy has a sexual partner, it is better that he / she applies for treatment with his / her sexual partner. Because this increases the treatment’s success even more. First of all, therapist interviews both partners separately and a sexual and listens to their story. Once therapist finds the problem, he/she can determine the proper treatment.


In the treatment of sexual problems that are open to abuse and distraction. So the client or patient should pay particular attention to the following elements. Sexual treatments, psychotherapy sessions are available in the practice or in hospitals.

Treatments must be scientifically based on evidence. It must comply with the scientific standards of medicine, psychiatry and sexual therapies as well as with ethical rules. For example, psychiatrists’ examination does not include physical examinations. But examines emotions through interviews. He / she should refer the person who thinks he / she has a physical problem to a gynecologist or obstetrician or urologist.Scientifically, there is no such treatment, nor is it appropriate for medical ethics.

What are the characteristics of sexual therapists?

  • The sexual therapist must be open-minded, positive in sexuality, impartial, tolerant, flexible, non-judgmental, respectful to differences, not reflecting his / her values, knowledgeable, trustworthy.
  • Therapists should clearly and accurately explain their authority and characteristics to their patients (clients) and protect the patient’s (client’s) interests.
  • Make an adequate history and make the necessary tests before you can diagnose. Diagnosis without an adequate history or neglect of the necessary investigations is an ethical violation, as this leads to patient damage.
  • The sexual therapist must keep all the information and professional relationship with the patient. Except in the event of a legal danger, a clear danger to the life or safety of the patient or someone else.
  • In sexual therapy, there is no room for sexual intercourse or intimacy between the therapist and the patient (client). Therapist should not engage in any bilateral relationship. Not only with the patient, but also with people who have close emotional ties to the patient.

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