Single Session Therapy: Is It Really Sufficient?

What is Single Session Therapy

The assumption single session therapy and counseling should always be long-term has been fought over and over in the last 30 years. Data from public and non-profit therapy institutions indicate that the maximum number of sessions customers have is “1” and 70-80% of the patients who have a single session are satisfied with the current session.

Single Session Therapy (SST) has been developed to reflect these findings. It is best seen as a curative mindset and a way of providing services to help where needed rather than usability point. What is particularly attractive about SST is that it is applied by different therapies by the therapists, making it general appeal.

If there is a specific subject that can be focused on, one-session therapy and it is desired to be solved as soon as possible with this, the therapy is drawn. If there are problems that are thought to require continuous treatment, it is not appropriate.

Windy Dryden has developed a new approach to single-session therapy known as “Single-Session Integrated Cognitive Behavior Therapy”.

‘Single Session Psychological Counseling’ was created by Windy Dryden for the following 3 patients:

  • Patients with low-income
  • Those who want to have information about “which direction to take” for their problems
  • For those who do not have a psychological condition but want to find solutions to their momentary or periodic problems

Why Should I Prefer Single Session Therapy?

Those who have never been to a psychologist: Approximately 70% of people experiencing stress tend to solve their problems independently or through their relatives. And in general, they have to spend a lot of time and effort to solve their problems.

Yes, therapy can take a long time for some. However, it is not always like that. Why? Because not everyone experiences the same problems at the same rate and under the same conditions. Second, the ability of each individual to solve their problems is not the same!

The main purpose of SSI-CBT is to help you get rid of problems and continue life as soon as possible.

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