Specific Learning Difficulty

Last day a mother brought her 9-year-old son to the clinic where I was working, He was asked to wait for a while, he nodded. Then his mother started to tell the story. ”He was born prematurely, completed the developement process.” The problem was at school. He had difficulties in reading,writing. She actually realize the importance of the problem when his son became less social.

When we analyze the story, specific learning disabilities are associated with the development of reading, written expression and mathematical skills. Teachers often give feedback to their families. For example they forget what they have learned, having difficulty in calculating simple mathematics etc.

For these reasons, children who have learning disabilities fail to succeed in academic fields. This is important because that’s where they express themseves. And as a result, they begin to experience social and emotional problems in peer relationships. Preschool diagnosis is important. In some children, specific learning difficulties that manifest themselves with symptoms of : delayed speech in the preschool period, difficulty in learning concepts.

If the family behaves consciously, accepts the child and the characteristics they skip this process undamaged. But if they don’t support or get positive reactions, the child gets into a constant conflict with his parents at home, falls out of his friends’ eyes, life becomes harder for them. So, it is our duty to learn the specific learning disability as soon as possible. Wishing you a life where you can learn something new every day…

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