Steven Assanti: Psychological Problems and Morbid Obesity with Snippets From My 600-Lb. Life

Steven Assanti is a social media star who has been struggling with his weight for years. Steven’s struggle with obesity was the catalyst for him to go into psychology, and he wants to help other people in similar situations. In this blog post, we talk about Steven’s struggles with psychological problems that come from being morbidly obese, as well as provide some tips on how you can get out of your own rut.

Steven Assanti is a psychologist who struggled with his weight for years before deciding to pursue psychology. After many failed attempts at dieting, Steven found himself in the same position he started in: overweight and unhappy.

Assanti Brothers Update – 14.12.2022: Fans of the popular show My 600-lb Life will no doubt be relieved to know that after estranged brothers Steven & Justin Assanti managed to get through their respective journeys and surgeries on the hit show, they are doing better than ever and living with a newfound outlook on life. Though the siblings had a tumultuous relationship prior, it is hopeful that each of them can now continue on their paths independently and in good health. With two fresh starts, there is an abundance of opportunities available for each brother to pursue; so long as they make the most of their days, they are sure to have a positive future ahead.

Steven Assanti Update – 02.01.2021: Steven Assanti posted a new video to his fans 2 weeks ago. Steven Assanti, standing and wearing only a chador, looked extremely cheerful. He sings and dances to the music of the stone age cartoon. He did not forget to lift the sheet and show his legs once in a while. But Steven Assanti, who was trying to show that he was okay, seemed to be in poor health. He had lost his hair and looked unhealthy. I could also see that he was alone. You can see some videos here: @stevenassanti

Steven Assanti Update – 12.12.2020: As everyone knows, Assanti Brothers had a toxic and manipulative relationship, as shown in My 600-Lb Life. According to Distractify, during a since-deleted AMA session, Justin revealed he and Steven no longer speak, sharing, “He doesn’t bother us since he got married.” Justin also noted that he has lost more than 200 pounds in the years since their episode aired. He’s back in Rhode Island, involved with Hobby Haven, a shop that’s mainly focused on selling model kits.

He has posted many updates on his Reddit account and his Facebook page, where he answers fan questions. Justin also confirmed that “My 600-Lb Life” is heavily scripted, and the only thing real about the show was Steven’s horrible behavior. In his own words, “Steven on the show is Steven in real life. It’s one of the few things not scripted.” As for Steven Assanti, he seems like he’s done with the show and has not really been active online. From the last episode, viewers noticed that his relationship wasn’t going well. He’s also reportedly been gaining weight.
Still, both Assanti brothers seem to be doing better ever since they started living separate lives.

“My 600-lb Life” is a reality show that documents the life of morbidly obese individuals.

From the show, Steven Assanti was one of the most hated people in the USA, the biggest reason for this was the way he treated health professionals.

Now that people are more sensitive about healthcare professionals due to Covid-19, what do people think about the brothers? What are they doing now?

What Do Assanti Brothers Do?

Currently, Steven Assanti doesn’t have a mental illness diagnosis. However, he has addictive behavior patterns because of the traumatic experience of abandonment in childhood. He is overdramatic and self-destructive, he loves to cause trouble and get hated.

In the new episode, the Assanti Brothers will experience a trauma trigger.

Their father is still trying to convince them to sleeve gastrectomy, but things get worse after Justin Assanti returns to Rhode Island.

Steven Assanti and his brother Justin Assanti are abandoned at a young age by their mothers. This causes trauma for both of them.

In order to cope with abandonment, two brothers develop food addiction in childhood, and then they get addicted to painkillers.

Unfortunately, their mother never participates in TLC’s My 600-lb Life. As you can see down below, they only have one photo together with their mother.

Even though Justin Assanti insists, he gets psychological treatment.

However, Steven Assanti continues to deceive himself. He cannot give up his addiction: painkillers.        

Update: What is Steven Assanti doing now? Steven Assanti seems to have completely collapsed psychologically, as his health problems get worse in 2020.

You can see how bad Justin Assanti was in 2019, despite all the treatments. A user on Reddit made this comment: “Honestly feel like I will never recover from seeing the shape of Steven Assanti’s legs.”

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In an interview with Starcasm, Stephanie said she first saw Steven on My 600-Lb. Life. “I was trying to find him because the moment I saw him on TV I saw the beauty of him.” Stephanie, who is a licensed massage therapist, explained. “And I wanted to know him not because of TV because I knew he was my soul mate I felt it and I just had to find him.”

Steven and his wife, Stephanie Sanger, married last year.

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Steven Assanti’s Wife

Their Appearances in My 600-Lb Life:

#1: My 600-Lb Life: “Steven and Justin’s Story Part 1”

Aired: March 29, 2017

Synopsis: “Steven and Justin’s Story Part 1” is the 13th episode of the season, and it is the first time the Assanti Brothers appeared. It focuses on the weight loss journey of brothers Steven and Justin Assanti. In the episode, viewers are introduced to the brothers and their struggles with obesity. The episode follows the brothers as they begin their journey to lose weight, including the difficulties they face and the changes they make to their lifestyle in order to improve their health.

#2: My 600-Lb Life: “Steven and Justin’s Story Part 2”

Aired: April 5, 2017

Synopsis: “Steven and Justin’s Story Part 2” is the 14th and the last episode of the season that focuses on the brothers’ weight loss journey. The episode continues to follow the brothers as they work to lose weight, including the challenges and successes they experience along the way. It also provides updates on their progress and how their weight loss is impacting their lives and relationships.

#3: My 600-Lb Life: Where Are They Now?: “Steven and Justin Assanti Part 3”

Aired: January 3, 2018

Synopsis: In this episode, Steven takes a dramatic step down the path of impairment. His infamous behavior spirals out of control, and he challenges the ability of his physician to understand him. The ever-increasing challenges placed on their relationship results in stress that deteriorates both parties’ trust and threatens its future. Strong emotions strain their already brittle connection, pushing it to its outer limits and beyond. On the other side, Steven’s brother, Justin, was filled with courage as he took a big leap of faith. He left his home and traveled to Houston to seek help from his family.

#4: My 600-Lb Life: “The Assanti Brothers”

Aired: May 27, 2020

Synopsis: Steven had gone through weight loss surgery and was in the process of recovery. Enticed by this success, Justin sought to undergo the same operation. But unfortunately, his decision came too late; his relationship with Steven soured, and Justin changed his mind. Now discontent with each other, Justin reconsidered taking the risk he previously thought was worth it. Though no longer opinionated on the same side, Justin ultimately concluded that this decision was best left undone.

steven assanti 2019 new photo

TLC Go: link

Steven is making disturbing moves in the new episode. How does hospital management allow him to enter the hospital barefoot?


#5 My 600-Lb Life: Where Are They Now?: “Steven and Justin Assanti The Final Chapter”

Aired: May 27, 2020

Synopsis: Steve Sr. was convinced that allowing both of his sons to receive weight loss surgery would bring them together, but in the 3rd year of their long journey towards a healthier lifestyle proved that theory incorrect. Justin returned to Rhode Island determined to put an end to their tumultuous relationship permanently. The shock of this decision left Steve Sr., and his sons, with an absolute air of finality surrounding them. Steve had sacrificed so much in order to secure the health of each and every member of his family, only to watch it all unravel within a moment’s notice.

Who Are the Asanti Brothers?

Steven Assanti was recognized by the TLC’s “My 600 lb” program. According to “Dr. Nowzaradan” Steven Assanti was the most difficult patient to deal with.

Justin Assanti is always trying to avoid his brother Steven Assanti. He hates his brother, and he doesn’t hesitate to tell. Justin Assanti also bullied and used violence against his brother in his childhood. Justin Assanti then received negative reactions from the whole world, causing the audience to hate him.

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Steven Assanti is addicted to painkillers and food. He doesn’t want to give up his addictions. For this reason, Dr. Nowzaradan is constantly making harsh comments. On the other hand, Steven Assanti’s behavior is not healthy. He is still abusing the health system. He’s making fun of people in the hospital. Steven Assanti wants to be noticed and draw attention. Thus, he always behaves like a child.

Steven Assanti had serious psychological problems, and he also wasn’t taking psychotherapy sessions seriously. His behavior did not change. He was still trying to avoid being independent.

Justin Assanti is the only victim in the family. He was neglected by his mother in infancy. He was beaten by his brother in childhood. He doesn’t want to be with his brother because he hates him.

Steven Assanti has problems such as a lack of empathy, drug addiction (especially painkiller addiction), self-harm (trichotillomania and obesity), unstable behavior, domestic abuse, and hysterical and manipulative behavior.

It would not be right to just make a diagnosis with the behaviors he exhibited on TV, but he could have been diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder and borderline personality disorder.

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What Do the Assanti Brothers Do Now?

One of the most famous reality television duos, the Assanti Brothers, has captured audiences around the world with their wild antics and outrageous lifestyle. It’s been 5 years since they first burst onto our screens. With so much time passed, you may be wondering what the Assanti Brothers do now. Let’s take a look back at their journey as well as explore how they’ve managed. Find out more below!

Justin Assanti:

Justin Assanti has thrived since his time on My 600-Lb Life. His store, Hobby Haven, is flourishing and serves as an amazing outlet for him to cope with social anxiety. Unfortunately, Justin’s relationship with Steven remains absent from the picture.

Furthermore, Justin shared his opinion about how the show depicted him and Steven. He confessed that TLC producers may have exaggerated certain aspects of their story for dramatic effect; however, he also highlighted that Steven was a formidable challenge to manage. Despite Steven’s own conceptions of himself, Justin noted that the show captured a realistic portrait of life with him.

Since his time on My 600-Lb Life, Justin had managed to lose 200 pounds.

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Steven Assanti:

After Steven Assanti’s debut on My 600-Lb Life, he saw many improvements in his life and even married a woman named Stephanie in 2018. Despite the show depicting him as haughty and irritable, Stephanie set forth that this was not an accurate representation of his character.

Steven has adamantly argued that TLC inaccurately presented him as their adversary and neglected to include any of his positive traits. In a 2020 interview, he shared his belief that the producers have dramatized his behavior unfairly, making it appear worse than it actually is.

Steven candidly expressed that he and Stephanie have had difficulties managing the fame. In his interview, Steven also mentioned that Stephanie was not a fan of the limelight, which caused conflicts between them, eventually leading to their separation, where they lived 90 minutes apart from one another.

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