Steven Assanti Psychological Problems and Morbid Obesity

I hope Steven Assanti is psychologically healthy because he got married last year. In the first part, he didn’t give us a squeal to surprise us. However, this does not mean that psychology is healthy.

Steven Assanti didn’t lose weight in a healthy way. It still doesn’t look like he got rid of his obsessions. In the new chapter, we will watch the psychological problems and pressures of Justin Assanti.

Updated: 12/07/2019

You can see how bad Justin Assanti was in 2019, despite all the treatments. Reddit has this comment: Honestly feel like I will never recover from seeing the shape of Steven Assanti’s WATN legs

In an interview with Starcasm, Stephanie said she first saw Steven on My 600-Lb. Life. “I was trying to find him because the moment I saw him on TV I thought he was a beautiful person,” Stephanie, who is a licensed massage therapist, explained. “And I wanted to know him not because of TV because I knew he was my soul mate I felt it and I just had to find him.”

Steven and his wife, Stephanie Sanger, married in Iowa last year.

My 600-lb Life – Where are They Now? – 5×01 – “The Assanti Brothers” 

WATN Season 5 Episode 1: The Assanti Brothers

Aired: May 22, 2019

Synopsis: As Steven heals from his weight loss surgery his brother Justin finally decides to come to Texas to get the same procedure but his feelings towards Steven immediately begin to sabotage his hopes of surgery.

Steven Assanti 2019 New Photo

TLC Go: link

Steven is making disturbing moves in the new episode. How does hospital management allow her to enter the hospital barefoot?

Notice the shit eating look on dad’s face when Dr now brought up Steven stealing Justin’s pain pills. Dad didn’t confess to stealing them and giving some to Steven. How convenient.


Steven Assanti was recognized by the TLC’s “My 600 lb” program.

Steven Assanti, “Dr. Nowzaradan” according to the most difficult patient.

Justin Assanti is always trying to avoid his brother Steven Assanti. He hates his brother, and he doesn’t hesitate to tell. Justin Assanti sees bullying and violence in his childhood.

The two siblings have serious picologic problems and this is because of their mother. Alcoholic mother is a woman who has neglected her children. Morbid obesity is due to their excessive and unbalanced diet in infancy.

Justin Assanti caused negative reactions from the whole world, causing all the audience to hate him.

Steven Assanti is addicted to eating drugs and food. He doesn’t want to give up his addictions. For this reason, “Nowzaradan” by Dr. is constantly harsh reactions. Steven Assanti’s behavior is never balanced. He is making an effort to continually abuse the health system. He’s making fun of people. Steven Assanti wants to be noticed and in the forefront. And to achieve this, he always behaves badly.

Having serious psychological problems, Steven Assanti did not succeed in psychotherapy sessions. His behavior did not change. However, he still tried to avoid being dependent.

Justin Assanti is the only victim among the family. He’s being neglected by his mother in infancy. He was beaten by his brother in childhood. The main reason Justin Assanti is Morbidly obese is his mother. He doesn’t want to be in the same place because he hates his brother. A big obstacle in the treatment of his brother for him.

Steven Assanti has problems such as lack of empathy, drug addiction (especially painkiller addiction), self-harm (trictillomania and obesity), unstable behavior, family abuse, hysterical and manipulation.

It would not be right to just make a diagnosis with the behaviors he exhibited on TV, but he could have been diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder and borderline personality disorder.

Latest Health Conditions

What they are doing now: The two brothers are living right now, but their health is not good. Steven continues to use painkillers, eating. Justin does not share updates on his health. Doctors recently found two blood clots on Steven’s leg.

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