Treatment of Sexual Problems

Human behavior and sexuality are affected by physical, psychological and social conditions. Sexuality is not limited to genitals. There are feelings, thoughts and established beliefs about sexuality. The physical and psychological characteristics of the person or the interactions of bilateral relations may be effective in the emergence of sexual problems and disorders. Naturally, the treatment of sexual problems may also vary depending on the factors that play a role in its formation. Drugs or psychotherapies are also effective in the treatment of the problem.

What to do ?

If the sexual problem is due to a medical or biological cause, treatment will be medication or other medical treatments. In this case, urologists, gynecologists and obstetricians or psychiatrists do the treatment. If the sexual problem is related to psychological factors, or if the psychological factors aggravate the situation, even if it has developed for a medical reason, sexual therapies should be administered or added. Sexual therapies are psychiatrists and clinical psychologists trained in sexual therapy. Like all treatments, sexual treatments must be based on scientific data.

In order for a new treatment method to enter into the field of application, it must undergo scientifically and ethically defined processes. The professional community should accept it’s efficiency. Psychotherapy is effective for a certain disorder by a series of studies in accordance with scientific principles.


Since the 1970s, “Sex Therapy” with vaginismus and many of the premature ejaculation cases successfully, loss of sexual desire, more sexual dysfunctions, such as the erectile dysfunction and female arousal and orgasm disorders in men havea substant treatment. Although there are changes depending on the type of sexual problem and the problematic couple. Sexual treatments last for 2-4 months and 6-10 sessions on average. But there may be cases that can be resolved in a short time by one or two interviews. Or there may be cases where the treatment should last for one or two years.

Therapist apply effective methods to those who have sexual problems. In this learning process, the person learns: psychotherapies in general and in sexual treatments in particular. Therapists create an intimate and safe learning environment. In this environment, therapist encourage patient to discover him/herself, his/her identity, body and relationship under his/her control. This discovery and learning will be gradual according to the characteristics of the person. For this reason, the relationship between the patient and the physician is also important when treating the sexual problem with medication and is a part of psychotherapy or sexual therapy. Because sexual problem is not just a physical .

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