Types of Homework in CBT

Thought and Behavior Rating Scales

Such homework is particularly important in the treatment of patients with cognitive distortions. These tests, which provide clinical information and are for self-report (self-rating) scales, also works as a self-report criterion in order to observe the patient’s mood changes during post-session homework or sessions. The use of such scales helps provide feedback from the patient during or towards the end of therapy. Beck Depression Inventory and Beck Anxiety Inventory are among the scales frequently used in this type of homework. The Beck Depression Inventory can work either as a group or as an individual by grading oneself or verbally while the Beck Anxiety Inventory can be administered individually by grading one’s self.


In the self-monitoring homework, patients keep records of their cognitive and behavioral status related to their main problems. This homework technique helps the therapist to get a clearer idea about the nature of the patient’s problem. This may also be useful for patients whose symptoms have spread throughout the day, have become habitual and have difficulty describing these symptoms. However, therapists should be aware that self-monitoring in anxious patients can provoke anxiety. During this activity, therapist asks the patient to concentrate on automatic thoughts and beliefs during the interaction with the family members.

Event Planning Phases

With this technique, patients first make a list of what they have to do. Then select one of them to determine which steps they should take to achieve this. . The therapist should ensure that these steps are large enough for the patient to cope with. After identifying the steps, the patient can rehearse the subject and write down the possible difficulties he may face. And think about what he can do about these steps. In this process, the therapist tells the patient: ‘Start the practice from the first step and ignore the other steps. Focus on what you’ve accomplished, not the things you have to do waiting for you.


For the CBT to be effective, the client should apply confrontation exercises. As an assignment at home, on the street or in public transport. The evaluation of the confrontation treatment consists of three stages; explaining the rational treatment-making the graded confrontation list and determining the reaction prevention rules.

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