Types of Psychological Problems in Children and Adolescents

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Child psychiatrists and child psychologists agree that there are three main categories of psychological disorders in children and adolescents. The first two are attentional problems that undermine the ability to concentrate and externalization problems involving deviant behavior or tendency to excessive aggression. The third problem is the internalization which is the deviant behavior largely directed towards the child. Besides these three categories, progress or retardation in children’s intelligence are among the issues that need to be examined. First of all, let’s examine them in order to have some more information on three main topics.

Attention Problems

Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder which prevents the child to concentrate on any subject or situation are in this category. We have examined this disorder in detail before, so we will not dwell on it.

Externalization (Behavior) Problems:

A high level of aggression, bullying, disobedience, hypersensitivity as well as menacing behavior in children. Unlike other two the age varies from child to child.

In some children, conduct disorder starts in early childhood (0-6 years). While it continues in adolescence and later ages in untreated childeren. In some children, conduct disorder starts in adolescence. Behavioral disorder in adolescence can be relatively dangerous. However, the behavior disorder that starts in early childhood will be more severe in adolescence. Therefore, behavioral problems in adolescence are generally more temporary. Because of this problems many childeren experiences difficulties. Parents or teachers may be concerned about the behavioral disorder of the child, such as: harming others frequently, escaping from school, stealing things, brutally treating animals and people, starting a fight, harming others’ belongings, intimidating people, and so on.

Internalization Problems:

The childeren tends to show deviant behaviors towards themselves in the internalization problems. this includes:

  • Eating disorders,
  • Depression,
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Learning difficulties and speech difficulties, You can find information about learning difficulties in our website just click here
  • School fear
  • Social phobia,
  • Specific phobia,
  • Stress disorder due to traumatic experience

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