What are the Causes of Sexual Problems in Women?

Studies have shown that 30-60% of women experience at least one sexual problem during their lifetime. Studies say women have more sexual desire and arousal problems. While women in Western countries seek help for arousal and desire problems, vaginism is the most common reason for female referral in Middle Eastern countries.

It can be mentioned that there are many factors in the emergence and maintenance of sexual problems. Therefore, it is even more difficult to understand the problems of sexual functions. In the definitions, it was seen that the causes of sexual problems were separated biologically and psychologically. Although this distinction is for identification purposes, it is not possible to draw very clear limits. It has been found that sexual problems due to physical causes may also have psychological causes, and vice versa.

Because of all these complications, evaluation of sexual functions and problems must be multidisciplinary. As with many psychiatric problems, a bio-psycho-social model can be mentioned.

Biological causes

Physical diseases, continuous medication use, natural stages that cause hormonal changes in women. (pregnancy, menopause, etc.) Depression is also a reasons related to one’s own health.

Psychological reasons

  • Exposure to sexual harassment and rape,
  • Difficulties in expressing their own demands and identity,
  • Sexual orientation and identity problems,
  • Loss of interest towards the sexual partner,
  • Problems related to sexual partner

Social reasons

Problems related to the environment in they raise. For example considering sexuality asa great shame and sin. causes sexual problems. One of the most important problems are among social reasons is the inadequacy of sexual education in women. Most women are unaware of their sexuality. They don’t known until very advanced ages, and as a result, women do not recognize their own sexuality and body.

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