What Are the Harms of Depression?

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What is depression?

Depression is one of the most common psychological disorders. Depression as a mood disorder manifests itself in a process of feeling sadness, anxiety, guilt and worthlessness, moving away from the social environment and losing interest in life.

There will always be times in the modern world when one feels sad, helpless, and weary; however, for a diagnosis of depression, a person should live in the moment. However, symptoms should persist for at least 2 weeks.

Depression with severe clinical symptoms may lead to suicide. Depression alone does not harm the person. The symptoms manifests itself both individually and as an individual living in society.

The state of unhappiness is the most prominent feature of the person in depression. Continuous unhappiness exploits the vitality of the person. Starting from the energy he / she will spend on daily work, to the energy find for life. Depression will trigger other negative emotions such as unhappiness, depression, boredom and pessimism. In such a situation, it will become increasingly difficult for one to feel good.

A depressed mood and diminished energy cause a person to lose interest in many things. Lack of interest and loss of energy are among the core symptoms of depression. With decreasing energy, one gradually withdraws from social life and may become unable to perform even the activities of daily living.

Decreased self-care is another important symptom for depression. The person has slowed down so much that washing her face, cleaning her body or combing her hair will require a lot of effort; Moreover, the depressed person is not in a position to pay attention to them. Another negative aspect of the decrease in self-care is the deterioration of the individual’s relations with others.


Anhedonia, one of the clinical symptoms, refers to the inability to enjoy anything that a person does. Inability to enjoy brings about being closed to innovation and not wanting to do anything. Anhedoni can damage a person’s functionality. The individual can no longer fulfill his or her duties as a member of society, but leads to academic failure, socially losing friends and economically losing jobs.

The person who is depressed has turned so much into the depression of his inner world that it is very difficult for him to focus on anything in the outer world. Basic attentional skills such as being able to follow what others are talking about, reading, deciding, slow down, and in this case the person is more introverted. As a result, interpersonal relations suffer greatly. Disruptions occur in school, work or social life that require the use of one’s attention skills.

Decreased or increased appetite, insomnia or excessive sleep, which is one of the physical symptoms of depression, as well as the lack of energy, can cause physical complaints. Biological problems added to the mental distress of the individual also affect the well-being negatively.

Depressive person has negative judgments about himself, the world and the future. His ideas about what he is experiencing are full of negative thougs. Focusing only on the negative side of events, concluding and exaggerating from a single situation to the general are some of these thinking mistakes. At the same time, he has feelings of worthlessness with a negative approach. With feelings of pessimism, worthlessness and guilt, one can attempt suicide or end his life in this way. Suicide is the most devastating end of depression.


As you can see, depression is more than just being in an emotionally dark vortex. A person who is in a very different place from his / her life before depression has difficulty in staying in life, performing his / her duties, establishing relations with people and taking care of himself / herself. Although different patterns are mentioned for different types of depression, depression in general can become biologically, psychologically, socially and economically harmful and have devastating consequences.

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