What Are the Principles of Healthy and Happy Sexual Life?

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For a happy and fulfilled sexual life, the individual should consider the following:

Sexuality begins with knowing yourself first and can only be directed towards those who love, count and trust themselves with these positive emotions. So the first condition of happy and fulfilling sexuality is mutual respect and effective communication and sharing between spouses. A happy sexual life should be based on mutual trust, honesty, openness, sharing and respect.

Sexuality begins with the recognition of the individual’s own body. For example : an individual realizes sexual pleasure points and does not hesitate to share this with his sexual partner will lead to a more fulfilled sexual relationship.
People should act responsibly towards each other and keep in mind that everyone has privacy and value.
No one has to live or maintain a sexual behavior they don’t like. In a relationship based on mutual love and respect, sexuality becomes more saturated. The details of how to experience sexuality, such as anal and oral sex, should be a joint decision of the couples and should be done with the consent of both parties.


The appropriate time and environment should be selected for sexual intercourse. Otherwise it is difficult for some people to provide satisfaction. Because women approach sexuality with more social concerns and all sensory organs and brains must be ready for sexual pleasure again.
Unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease anxiety prevent a woman from having happy and fulfilled sexuality. Therefore the couple must have taken precautionary measures. You should devote sufficient time to foreplay in order for a woman to have a saturated sexual relationship.

The couple must transcend the myths and social values of sexuality by talking and sharing together.


The sexual affinity of one person to another may include different behaviors for each partner. Therefore couples should talk about sexual behaviors that they love, enjoy and want or dislike. Also the pleasure, happiness or dissatisfaction after the relationship should be shared. False, contrived and dishonest feedbacks can undermine mutual trust in the long term and damage sexual partnerships of spouses. Sharing and expressing yourself will help them discover common and optimal sexual behavior for the couple.

No one has to experience or maintain a sexual behavior he/she does not like.

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