What is Problem ?

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A matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.

An inquiry starting from given conditions to investigate or demonstrate a fact, result, or law.

For problem solving theorists it is “a situation or work related to daily life, which requires a response from the individual for a healthy functioning, but is not effective at the moment due to the obstacles one faces.” Accordingly, appropriate response is needed to solve a problem. However, one cannot react appropriately from the disabled. Obstacles that one encounters can be classified as objective and subjective.

The problem related to the situation, the obstacles that exist independently of the person express the objective barriers, whereas the obstacles caused by the person express the subjective barriers. For example, in terms of the problem of the person’s inability to communicate effectively with his boss, the arrogant attitude of the boss, is an objective obstacle and the inability to express oneself is a subjective obstacle.

Problem solving theorists, goals, perseverance and persistence of the individual; the novelty of the situation, uncertainty; They consider issues such as lack of skills and lack of resources as obstacles to problem solving.

We divide them into four groups:

Personal problems:

Health problems, behavioral and emotional problems are personal problems. Everyone has one or more personal problems. In the same way, everyone tries to solve these problems (one way or another). If these efforts work, the individual’s level of compliance increases. However, if problem-solving efforts do not work, the impact and severity of personal problems may increase.

Interpersonal problems:

Human relations can be a source of both happiness and unhappiness. Therefore, one of our most important problems is interpersonal problems. Interpersonal relationship problems can also lead to personal problems.

Non-personal problems:

The problems in this group are regarded as worldly problems and assumed to be easier to solve. Problems such as car breakdown and exhaustion of cylinder gas are in this group.

Social problems:

The problems that a person may experience due to being a social entity are in this group. Political problems, education problems, traffic problems can be listed among social problems. Although there are things you can do individually to solve such problems, the solution is out of hands of an individual.

When we take into account all the above problem areas, the most important point for me is what one perceives as a problem. Some of us may worry about the hunger of an animal on the mountain, while some of us may not even care about the world being burned.

In problem-solving therapy, it is very important to identify the problem.

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