What is Sport Psychology?Why is it Important?

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Sports continue to evolve as a means of rapidly increasing interaction and triggering communication between people. People’s attitude towards sports has changed and a lot of economic resources have been obtained from sports. Of course, in an environment where milliseconds matter, all factors that affect athlete performance. For these reasons, psychology , is definitely an important factor.

What is Sport Psychology?

Today, sports continue to evolve as a means of rapidly increasing interaction and triggering communication between people. First and foremost, sports not only positively affect the physical and psychological state of the people, but it also puts people at a higher level in their personal development and enables them to develop features such as responsibility and cooperation within the social community and at the same time to interact more. In this article, I will try to explain the importance of sport psychology, what it is, the definition of sport psychology, the role of sport psychologist, the main topics and methods.

Definition of Sport Psychology

According to the American Psychological Association (APA) definition in 2009, it is a proficiency that uses psychological knowledge and skills to address optimal performance and well-being of athletes, developmental and social aspects of sports participation, and systemic issues associated with sports settings and organizations. ”Many athletes prepare for tournament or an important competition, with many physical and psychological stresses and challenges. In response to this burden, the athlete will either show more resistance or lose his resistance both physically and psychologically. Sports psychology is becoming indispensable in this field in order to prevent such situations.

Training is a process carried out in a specific program in order to make the physical condition of the athletes long-lasting. This process is important according to your own assessment during sports. But if an athlete is not psychologically ready for a goal, he has already risked losing that goal. That is why every time an athlete is training every day to increase his muscle strength and fitness.

How to be successful in sports?

First of all, if you ask which elite athletes the question is whether psychology is of vital importance for success, their answers will definitely be “yes . Success is the main goal in sports. It is a process in which most athletes spend a large part of their time, sometimes taking part from themselves and sometimes from their loved ones. But if there is a situation that we need to know, it does not always mean that an athlete will ultimately win or achieve his goal.

Sports is an area of ​​high excitement both for the athlete and for the followers of any sports branch. When it comes to success, it gives the individual extreme happiness or vice versa. It is in this case that the competence of the sports psychologist is important. An athlete should prepare him/herself psychologically.

How to become “sports psychologist

First of all, a sports psychologist needs to know his / her professional ethics very well and he / she should have a good command of sub-branches of sports psychology such as exercise, training, social relations and performance enhancement. Afterwards, he / she must master the sports philosophy and game method in his / her field and warn the athletes against the obstacles he / she may encounter. A feature that is one step ahead of these situations is that a sports psychologist should be able to assimilate the ideology of the branch of interest.

The field of sports psychology is not only athletes. Sports psychology is includes the study, from athletes’ families to coaches. Because the most important features of the coaches for the athletes to have more experience and success means to them so much. Trainers feel more burdened as a responsible person. They need to get support from sports psychologist while their psychological condition is insufficient by being under stress and pressure.

Motivation Effect

Motivation a word that we do not know the exact meaning of which we encounter in our lives. Although the meaning of the motivation is “moving“, we define it as a strong feeling or motive that directs to a behavior. In sports, it is one of the most important factors in achieving results. Many athletes have motivated themselves specifically for competitions and succeeded with their own methods. If an athlete has not been motivated enough, he is not psychologically ready for the competition.

Motivation can sometimes be achieved by using rewards, sometimes by stimulating the athlete more, and sometimes by using fear. As can be seen from the previous sentence, motivation can be achieved in various ways. But first of all, motivation starts with the athlete getting to know himself. Some of them are more motivated by doing more sports. Some playing console games in some eats their favorite food in their favorite place. So, an athlete tries to keep himself as highly motivated as possible and tries to win success in the competition. . As we have seen, it is an indisputable fact which side will be more successful.

There are some important points to consider when helping to motivate coaches and athletes. These are:

  • Determining the behaviors that can motivate athletes and coaches for each,
  • The success or failure of athletes and coaches
    in order to find out the factors
    take advantage of their discourse,
  • To know the athlete and the coach as a whole in psychological, physical and social aspects,
  • Determining how much athletes and coaches want success,
  • Determining whether the athlete has a tendency to avoid failure,
  • To perform stereotyped character analysis of athletes and coaches and to indicate their deficiencies

It is necessary to understand and analyze the behavior of athletes and coaches in every sense (plans, decisions, thoughts, choices, goals, choices, etc.).

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