What’s Conscious Awareness

It’s not what we eat but what we digest that makes us strong; not what we gain but what we save that makes us rich; not what we read but what we remember that makes us learned; and not what we profess but what we practice that gives us integrity.”


Our lives are the totality of our experiences and the effects our experiences have on us. However, we often tend to ignore how our experiences affect us. Having a good profession, having a luxury car, being a successful student. How does all this affect us? For example; it is satisfactory for some students to get an average score from the exam, but for another student to get a full score from one exam can be worrying because of the possibility that they will not be able to sustain this success in the next exam.

In summary; the way we exist in our lives is linked to how we perceive our experiences. That’s why; as individuals in the same world, we may experience different lives, even though it may seem to be basically similar things. This is where the concept of conscious awareness manifests itself. At the present moment, when we have the opportunity to explore the environment and conditions in depth, the following questions arise: How do we perceive the situations we face and how do these situations affect us?

Conscious awareness involves focusing on what is happening in the present and accepting what is realized as a result. Conscious awareness has two dimensions:

  1. Perception
  2. Accepting the reality

How Do We Do That ?

The conscious awareness requires attention. When we cannot pay full attention to the situations we experience, it becomes difficult to see what is happening. At the same time, in order to pay attention to a situation, we need to be free from of all prejudices. Otherwise, we may not be able to look at things objectively, and even further, due to our prejudices, we may not even be able to give ourselves the opportunity to see certain parts/points of the moment / situation. For example; we may have the tendency to suppress or ignore our negative emotions such as anger and sadness. At this point; we need to be able to accept the situations we have experienced, without judging, with compassion. In this way, we can live in the moment and don’t think about past events.

Conscious awareness not only helps to understand our inner world, but also all the other events happening around us. Conscious awareness is about seeing the bigger picture.

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