Book Review:When Panic Attacks – David D. Burns

”When Panic Attacks” is undoubtedly one of the most successful book about panic attacks. Medication use reduces anxciety but the problem isn’t permanently . As the problem of anxiety is not completely eliminated, the side effects are also very high. It’s too far away from eliminating the problem completely. The truth is you can defeat your fears. In When Panic Attacks, Dr. Burns takes you by the hand and shows you how to overcome every conceivable kind of anxiety.

The New, Drug-Free Anxiety Therapy That Can Change Your Life

Book Review:When Panic Attacks - David D. Burns
Book Review:When Panic Attacks – David D. Burns

However, CBT proves its effect on the anxiety problem.
It is so effective that you are able to get rid of your own anxiety problem with this book.
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is not only used in depression but also extreme anxiety disorders. CBT also works in panic attacks.

When Panic Attacks book; it offers different approaches to techniques, exercises, different types of anxiety. What are negative thoughts? How do you recognize them?
How can you avoid these negative thoughts? In this book everything is clear and fluent. It’s written by Dr. David Burns who is also the author of Feeling Good

If you are having an anxiety problem this book is just for you.

When Panic Attacks Reader reviews

I’m really taking this this down time during quarantine. To better myself not only mentally but physically an emotionally.


This book is the best anxiety reduction technique book I’ve ever read. And I’m making major gains in my own life dealing with a panic disorder, as well as gaining tools to help my future students/clients as a counselor. Highly recommended for anyone experiencing ANY type of anxiety or anyone who has a friend/loved one experiencing anxiety.


Hunkering down with a mug of organic cocoa and my therapy homework. Yes, my psychologist gives me homework assignments, and he often has me text him when certain tasks are completed.
I fought the idea of going to Therapy for years, but this past year,

I needed help and I couldn’t resist anymore, so I surrendered. Truthfully, I wasn’t really sure if I was going to continue after the first two sessions, but I’m happy that I’m persevering. Tonight’s session was a difficult one, but I recognize the importance of getting uncomfortable in order to change behavior that doesn’t serve me. So with that deeply personal share, I wish you all a good night, and remind you that you don’t have to keep your struggles to yourself. Talk-Therapy can really and truly help!

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