Automatic Thought Record

We have previously explained with examples what are automatic thoughts. In this context, we will include automatic thought recording examples and thought recording templates. In addition, we will explain the sample applications that you can record thoughts.

What is Automatic Thought Record?

Automatic Thought Record is a technique that is used in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to practice monitoring and modifying thoughts.

It can be used as a tool to assist individuals who experience anxiety, such as panic attacks, phobias and obsessions, depression, and rumination.

The individual identifies their negative automatic thoughts which arise when experiencing distress events or imagining future ones. They then rate the intensity of their feeling after thinking about each thought using an analog scale of 1-100 with 100 being intense feelings and 1 being no feelings at all. Finally, they try to find ways to stop these negative automatic thoughts from happening again, such as testing predictions or saying that it’s just their imagination or not putting too much pressure on themselves by allowing those negative automatic thoughts.

Thought Recording Templates

automatic thought record 1
Thought Record
automatic thought record
Automatic Thought Record

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automatic thought record 2
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Thought Record

I’m a life coach, a crisis counselor, and a future social worker, and today I (shockingly) took the advice I give to so many others and worked through the unhelpful thoughts swirling in my brain surrounding my disabilities and recent flare-ups (on zebra paper of course). This is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tool called a thought record. I’m facts and data kind of person, so I found this super helpful for re-examining things logically.

It’s incredibly normal and understandable for spoonies to struggle with fighting off all the internalized ableism, guilt, shame, and fear we live with. I wanted to share this as a reminder to myself and y’all the power of treating yourself with the same compassion you show to others.


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