Who is Carl Rogers

Who is Carl Rogers

Who is Carl Rogers? By the start of his life, Carl Rogers clearly defined himself as someone deeply interested in human nature and all people’s intellectual level, especially those considered to be intellectual equals. He was also very interested in the world’s human potential, which he saw as very inferior compared to his own. This is why, in a broader sense, he was considered to be a great philosopher, teacher, counselor, and even psychologist. But his greatest claim to fame is, perhaps, for being one of the first American psychologists to be published by a major publishing house outside of New England – The Atlantic Monthly – although his work remains largely unnoticed by the majority of psychologists in the United States.

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As far as his influence is concerned, it can safely be said that no contemporary psychologist of greater stature has ever come close to equalling Rogers’ contributions to the field of psychology. Carl Rogers would go on to be nominated for the Nobel Prize in Psychology. Exactly how influential he was is open to debate. Some even suggest that Rogers is the most influential American psychologist ever. There is a possibility that, given the number of books and articles written about him and his philosophy, this could be underestimated.

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